About Us

We are in yeola Since from 1998 for manufactures the paithani at home and sale the paithani to shopkeeper as per the quality the customers are very happy from the shopper from they purchases the paithani.But the shopkeeper takes lot of money from the costumes so we decided to open a shop for customers benefits at 2014 and the customers are very happy by our paithani prices and quality.


  It is completely hand woven and takes anywhere between 1  month to 2 years to make one sari depending upon the   complexity of the designs.Designs in the term of pie-cock    designs,flower designs,and also have two types of borders same like as pallu design ang machine made borders.A normal paithani have in size approximately 1.25 meters in width and 5.30 meters in length without blouse piece.

The machine help to make paithani called as "Hath Mag" where as there have no defects in paithani like silk issues and quality issues in paithani just beacase of complitely hand made .so please give us chance to help you and give you a 100% trusteble paithani.